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My 2010 Fantasy Football League Draft Recap

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on August 21, 2010. The draft took place on the 15th of August.

In this space, I will review and look back on my recently completed fantasy football draft. Each team began with two keepers each, and I'll list those as the first two rounds. As fair warning to anyone who was involved in this draft, I'm not selectively critical of anyone. If I don't like a certain pick, I'm going to say so. This is not meant as a slight to any owner, this is just me being as honest as possible.

(If you're interested, my league that I manage is a standard ESPN league with ESPN standard scoring.)

Each manager's keeper selections

Steve Taylor - Calvin Johnson WR, Det and Beanie Wells RB, Ari

David Puigros - Frank Gore RB, SF and Reggie Wayne WR, Ind

Mike Lascalera and Nick Galbraith - Hines Ward WR, Pit and Tony Romo QB, Dal

Weston Taylor - Steven Jackson RB, StL and DeAngelo Williams RB, Car

Kyle Butcher - Randy Moss WR, NE and Maurice Jones-Drew RB, Jac

Chance Moses - Drew Brees QB, NO and Larry Fitzgerald WR, Ari

Nick Vasquez - Adrian Peterson RB, Min and Peyton Manning QB, Ind

Don Allan - Andre Johnson WR, Hou and Philip Rivers QB, SD

Robert Voce - Aaron Rodgers QB, GB and Michael Turner RB, Atl

Cameron Butcher - Chris Johnson RB, Ten and Ray Rice RB, Bal

Thoughts: The keeper selections that I didn't agree with were Philip Rivers (Don also had Roddy White) and both players kept by Mike and Nick (They traded a sixth round pick to me for Tony Romo when they already had Matt Schaub, and also could have kept Anquan Boldin and/or Steve Smith (CAR) without giving up a draft pick. Mike also traded a 5th round pick to Kyle Butcher last season for Joseph Addai, whom I suppose he was planning on keeping at the time, but it seemed like that was a waste of a move). However, it's not like they were dumping two can't-miss studs for two nobodies. They'll get more help in the auction format next season. One thing I found interesting about everyone's keepers was the propensity to keep quarterbacks; five of the top ten quarterbacks were taken, further inspiring me to wait until the latter rounds for a starting quarterback.

Round 1

1) Steve Taylor - Miles Austin WR, Dal

2) David Puigros - Ryan Grant RB, GB

3) Mike and Nick - Rashard Mendenhall RB, Pit

4) Weston Taylor - Shonn Greene RB, NYJ

5) Kyle Butcher - Roddy White WR, Atl

6) Chance Moses - Ryan Mathews RB, SD

7) Nick Vasquez - Pierre Thomas RB, NO

8) Don Allan - Felix Jones RB, Dal

9) Robert Voce - Anquan Boldin WR, Bal

10) Cameron Butcher - Brandon Marshall WR, Mia

My Pick: My strategy this year was really all-or-nothing. I could have kept Rashard Mendenhall over DeAngelo Williams, but I felt like Williams' upside was just too great to pass on, and that's pretty much the same sentiment I have with the pick of Shonn Greene. The upside was just astronomical, and I had to stick with my theme. After my pick Chance exclaimed "Dammit!". Guess he wanted to be the first homer and take Greene (although he would have been perfectly justified).

Biggest Reach: It's gotta be a tie between Thomas and Jones, although if I had a choice I would take Jones over Thomas, and to me it's not really close.

Round 2

11) Cameron Butcher - Tom Brady QB, NE

12) Robert Voce - Greg Jennings WR, GB

13) Don Allan - Brandon Jacobs RB, NYG

14) Nick Vasquez - Marques Colston WR, NO

15) Chance Moses - Steve Smith WR, NYG

16) Robert Voce (From Kyle Butcher) - Cedric Benson RB, Cin

17) Weston Taylor - Steve Smith WR, Car

18) Kyle Butcher (From Mike and Nick) - Matt Schaub QB, Hou

19) David Puigros - DeSean Jackson WR, Phi

20) Steve Taylor - Jamaal Charles RB, KC

My Pick: The OG Steve Smith. In many mock drafts I had myself picking Anquan Boldin with this pick, but since Robert decided to jump the gun on Boldin and everyone else passed on OG, he fell to me and fits perfectly in my WR1 slot, alongside my (potentially) three RB1s. I have to say that having two guys with the same name is utterly confusing. Chance took Steve Smith of the Giants two picks before me, and for .5 seconds I was crestfallen until I heard the word "Giants" after the name.

Best Value: Gotta be Jamaal Charles. This guy has the potential to be Chris Johnson of last season, and even with Thomas Jones vulturing carries, shouldn't be slipping this low in any drafts.

Biggest Reach: Again, it's gotta be Don's pick of Brandon Jacobs. I liked the guy last season, but he continues to get injured, and he kind of made it on my list of "non-upside" players, not to mention he's almost guaranteed to split carries with Ahmad Bradshaw in New York. He should have taken Charles or even Cedric Benson with that pick.

Round 3

21) Steve Taylor - Jonathon Stewart RB, Car

22) Mike and Nick (From David Puigros) - Ricky Williams RB, Mia

23) Mike and Nick - Santana Moss WR, Was

24) Mike and Nick (From Weston Taylor) - Vernon Davis TE, SF

25) Robert Voce (From Kyle Butcher) - Dallas Clark TE, Ind

26) Chance Moses - Matt Forte RB, Chi

27) Nick Vasquez - Ronnie Brown RB, Mia

28) Don Allan - Michael Crabtree WR, SF

29) Robert Voce - Knowshon Moreno RB, Den

30) Cameron Butcher - Sidney Rice WR, Min

My Pick: N/A; Was traded to Mike last season for Kurt Warner.

Best Value: At first glance, I can't really label any of these guys a good value in this round; this is about where I had all of these guys ranked. But after hearing that Ronnie Brown is fully healthy once again, I would say that he has a good chance at a bounceback season. The biggest upside pick though, is Michael Crabtree. I would have taken a long look at him if I would have had my pick in this round.

Biggest Reach: It has got to be Santana Moss. The thinking behind this pick is that he has the potential to be McNabb's favorite downfield option this season, a la DeSean Jackson of last season; I'm not buying it. With those three picks, I would have taken LeSean McCoy, Antonio Gates, and Michael Crabtree. Yes, Vernon Davis went crazy last season, but I would still rather have the safer Gates as my starting tight end.

Round 4

31) Steve Taylor (From Cameron Butcher) - LeSean McCoy RB, Phi

32) Robert Voce - Chad Ochocinco WR, Cin

33) Don Allan - Antonio Gates TE, SD

34) Nick Vasquez - Vincent Jackson WR, SD

35) Chance Moses - Clinton Portis RB, Was

36) Kyle Butcher - Brent Celek TE, Phi

37) Weston Taylor - Mike Sims-Walker WR, Jac

38) Kyle Butcher (From Mike and Nick) - Joseph Addai RB, Ind

39) David Puigros - Donald Driver WR, GB

40) Steve Taylor - Jerome Harrison RB, Cle

My Pick: I was not a happy camper with this pick, and I'm still relatively disgusted by it. I was the epitome of bummed after I watched McCoy, Gates, and Brent Celek come off the board. If I could have a mulligan, I would have taken Wes Welker, or even Jerome Harrison. I'm still disgusted with this pick. Let's just move on.

Best Value: Again, another one of Steve's picks, it's gotta be McCoy. Will he be the next Brian Westbrook? Probably not, but still, as far as running backs go, he's a solid flex position player for my dad.

Biggest Reach: Vincent Jackson, and it's not close. This pick blew me out of the water; I didn't think anyone was going to touch him until after round eight or nine at least. Why would anyone take that guy with everything looming around him? Just way too many flashing red lights for me.

Round 5

41) Steve Taylor - Jason Witten TE, Dal

42) David Puigros - Joe Flacco QB, Bal

43) Mike and Nick - Derrick Mason WR, Bal

44) Weston Taylor - Pierre Garcon WR, Ind

45) Robert Voce (From Kyle Butcher) - New York Jets D/ST

46) Chance Moses - Tony Gonzalez TE, Atl

47) Nick Vasquez - Wes Welker WR, NE

48) Don Allan - Justin Forsett RB, Sea

49) Mike and Nick (From Robert Voce) - San Francisco 49ers D/ST

50) Cameron Butcher - Jahvid Best RB, Det

My Pick: Pierre Garcon, which I am actually more happy with than my previous round pick of Mike Sims-Walker. Peyton Manning has proven in the past that he will go to the best receiver available as much as he can, and right now it looks like Garcon has the ability to at least show up Reggie Wayne a little bit.

Best Pick: Wes Welker, by far. I wanted this guy so bad, but I thought I could have waited another round to get him. That's what I get for taking Mike Sims-Walker. Ugh.

Biggest Reach: Three-way tie between both defenses and Derrick Mason. Mike and Nick continue to add to their aging roster by selecting Mason. The reason I list the defenses is because I'm of the firm belief that nobody should ever take a defense before the fourth-to-last round of the draft at the earliest. 50% of people end up dropping their defenses for a better one anyways at some point during the season, so why take one early? Spend the pick on a position player with upside rather than a defense.

Round 6

51) Cameron Butcher - Zach Miller TE, Oak

52) Robert Voce - Santonio Holmes WR, NYJ

53) Don Allan - Baltimore Ravens D/ST

54) Nick Vasquez - Reggie Bush RB, NO

55) Chance Moses - Green Bay Packers D/ST

56) Mike and Nick (From Kyle Butcher) - Stephen Gostkowski K, NE

57) Weston Taylor - Jay Cutler QB, Chi

58) Weston Taylor (From Mike and Nick) - Owen Daniels TE, Hou

59) David Puigros - Jermichael Finley TE, GB

60) Steve Taylor - Eli Manning QB, NYG

My Picks: Jay Cutler and Owen Daniels. Boy, did I make out in this round. Cutler was supposed to be awesome last season and wasn't, but I'm sure as everyone has noticed, Mike Martz is on the sidelines now. If he was able to make the Detroit Lions into a .500 team in one season, then a turnaround year for Jay Cutler is immensely probable. As for Owen Daniels' knee surgery, word has it that he'll be ready for the season opener, and to get him this late after the tear he was on last season before he injured is a HUGE bargain. This pick made me a lot less sad that I didn't get Gates, Dallas Clark, or Celek.

Best Pick: I'm going with both of my picks here, especially considering two defenses, a kicker, Zach Miller, and Reggie Bush went before both of my picks. Zach Miller will be serviceable at tight end this year, but that was quite a reach by Cameron.

Worst Pick: Stephen Gostkowski, not close. Kickers should always be taken with your final pick. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Round 7

61) Steve Taylor - Dwyane Bowe WR, KC

62) David Puigros - Dallas Cowboys D/ST

63) Kyle Butcher (From Mike and Nick) - C.J. Spiller RB, Buf

64) Weston Taylor - Johnny Knox WR, Chi

65) Steve Taylor (From Kyle Butcher) - Kevin Kolb QB, Phi

66) Chance Moses - Thomas Jones RB, KC

67) Nick Vasquez - Kellen Winslow TE, TB

68) Don Allan - Nate Kaeding K, SD

69) Robert Voce - David Buehler K, Dal

70) Cameron Butcher - Braylon Edwards WR, NYJ

My Pick: Johnny Knox. I had Knox last year after his big game, and I continue to like his upside. ESPN had this as his status shortly after training camp started, "Knox is emerging as Jay Cutler's top target, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports." That was pretty much the confirmation that I would be taking him this year.

Thoughts: After round six is when things start to get haphazard. It doesn't really matter how far you reach for a player in these rounds, especially this year. We see another defense and two more kickers (eyeroll) come off the board, and after getting bombarded by ESPN alerts about Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch being injured during the preseason, KB pretty much ran up to the board to select C.J. Spiller of the Buffalo Bills. We'll see how that works out for him.

Round 8

71) Cameron Butcher - LaDainian Tomlinson RB, NYJ

72) Robert Voce - Donovan McNabb QB, Was

73) Don Allan - Matt Ryan QB, Atl

74) Nick Vasquez - Hakeen Nicks WR, NYG

75) Chance Moses - Carson Palmer QB, Cin

76) Kyle Butcher - Jeremy Maclin WR, Phi

77) Weston Taylor - Malcom Floyd WR, SD

78) Mike and Nick - Fred Jackson RB, Buf

79) David Puigros - Marion Barber RB, Dal

80) Steve Taylor - Chad Henne QB, Mia

My pick: Malcom Floyd. Meet your new #1 wide-out, San Diego! With Vincent Jackson doing his own thing with his contract and suspension, this is the guy you want for your team. He's listed at around #150 overall on ESPN lists, but obviously I liked him a little more than that. If he can play the role that V Jax played last season, I will be euphoric.

Thoughts: My dad took his third(!) quarterback, Marion Barber, LaDainian Tomlinson, Carson Palmer, and Donovan McNabb finally come off the board (how the mighty have fallen), and Mike and Nick keep chugging forward with old or injured guys. When asked about Fred Jackson's injury, Nick said, "I'm not worried".

Rounds 9 and 10

81) Steve Taylor - Percy Harvin WR, Min

82) David Puigros - Ben Roethlisberger QB, Pit

83) Mike and Nick - Terrell Owens WR, Cin

84) Weston Taylor - Brett Favre QB, Min

85) Kyle Butcher - Arian Foster RB, Hou

86) Chance Moses - T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR, Sea

87) Nick Vasquez - Darren McFadden RB, Oak

88) Don Allan - Visanthe Shiancoe TE, Min

89) Robert Voce - Steve Slaton RB, Hou

90) Cameron Butcher - Robert Meachem WR, NO

91) Cameron Butcher - Minnesota Vikings D/ST

92) Robert Voce - Mike Wallace WR, Pit

93) Don Allan - Steve Breaston WR, Ari

94) Nick Vasquez - Dez Bryant WR, Dal

95) Chance Moses - Mason Crosby K, GB

96) Kyle Butcher - Montario Hardesty RB, Cle

97) Weston Taylor - Michael Bush RB, Oak

98) Mike and Nick - Mark Sanchez QB, NYJ

99) David Puigros - Kenny Britt WR, Ten

100) Steve Taylor - Philadelphia Eagles D/ST

My Picks: Brett Favre and Michael Bush. Wow, getting Favre this late really surprised me. It also shocked me that there were a few guys at the draft that thought he was done playing, although I do believe this will be his last season. He is a HUGE health risk, but if he can stay healthy, the upside is just as great as the risk. This is why I wait on quarterbacks every year. Michael Bush wasn't someone I wanted, but at this point in the draft, I figured I needed to start taking a few backup running backs, and this guy deserves a chance to get more of the workload than the disappointing Darren McFadden. The only problem even if he gets that job is that he's still a Raider.

Thoughts: Percy Harvin this late was a steal. He did collapse at practice the other day, but as long as he's on the field, he has big play potential, along with the fact that he will continue to return kickoffs and punts for this team. Arian Foster was another big pick that I maybe should have taken instead of Favre. I thought for sure I'd be able to draft Shiancoe with a later pick, but was again muffed. Oh well.

Rounds 11 and 12

101) Steve Taylor - Garrett Hartley K, NO

102) David Puigros - Chris Cooley TE, Was

103) Mike and Nick - Jeremy Shockey TE, NO

104) Weston Taylor - Jason Snelling RB, Atl

105) Kyle Butcher - Donald Brown RB, Ind

106) Chance Moses - Lee Evans WR, Buf

107) Nick Vasquez - Kevin Boss TE, NYG

108) Don Allan - Tim Hightower RB, Ari

109) Robert Voce - Laurence Maroney RB, NE

110) Cameron Butcher - Ryan Longwell K, Min

111) Cameron Butcher - Matthew Stafford QB, Det

112) Robert Voce - New Orleans Saints D/ST (Final pick)

113) Don Allan - Devin Hester WR, Chi

114) Nick Vasquez - Pittsburgh Steelers D/ST

115) Chance Moses - Eddie Royal WR, Den

116) Kyle Butcher - Julian Edelman WR, NE

117) Weston Taylor - Chester Taylor RB, Chi

118) Mike and Nick - New England Patriots D/ST

119) David Puigros - Cadillac Williams RB, Tam

120) Steve Taylor - Ben Tate RB, Hou (Final Pick)

My Picks: Jason Snelling and Chester Taylor. With these two picks I was just looking at upside and taking someone else's handcuffs, since the guys who were handcuffs to my running backs were either drafted already or no good.

Thoughts: Rob, Mike and Nick both take backup defenses. I'm not a fan of that strategy, because you really only need a different defense one week unless the one you drafted is just outrageously terrible. Donald Brown finally comes off the board (KB will be trying to trade him this season) and my dad takes Ben Tate. Shortly after the pick I showed him my text from ESPN saying Tate will have ankle surgery and would miss the season. He then proceeded to scratch Tate off his list and focus his efforts on Chaz Schillens. Quite the trade, dad.

Rounds 13 and 14, and lost picks

121) David Puigros - New York Giants D/ST

122) Mike and Nick - Darren Sproles RB, SD

123) Weston Taylor - Cincinnati Bengals D/ST

124) Kyle Butcher - David Akers K, Phi

125) Chance Moses - Julius Jones RB, Sea

126) Nick Vasquez - Rob Bironas K, Ten

127) Don Allan - Fred Davis TE, Was

128) Cameron Butcher - Mohamed Massaquoi WR, Cle

129) Cameron Butcher - Tashard Choice RB, Dal

130) Don Allan - Devery Henderson WR, NO

131) Nick Vasquez - Matt Leinart QB, Ari

132) Chance Moses - Chris Chambers WR, KC

133) Kyle Butcher - Rashad Jennings RB, Jac

134) Weston Taylor - Shayne Graham K, Bal

135) Mike and Nick - Mike Williams WR, Sea

136) David Puigros - Jerricho Cotchery WR, NYJ

137) David Puigros - Jay Feely K, Ari

138) Kyle Butcher - Alex Smith QB, SF

139) Cameron Butcher - Willis McGahee RB, Bal

140) Kyle Butcher - San Diego Chargers D/ST

My Picks: I picked a defense and a kicker, and it took me a combined .75 seconds to make the decision on both picks.

Thoughts: I actually liked the Fred Davis and Mohamed Massaquoi picks. Immediately after Nick Galbraith made his final pick of Mike Williams, he handed me an issue of Sports Illustrated with an article saying the disappointing former first-round pick has found new opportunities and motivation under his old head coach Pete Carroll. Color me a skeptic, but hey, it's the final round; anyone's worth a flyer now. Meanwhile, Chance loves the veterans; his picks from round 4 to the end of the draft (in order): Clinton Portis, Tony Gonzalez, Green Bay Packers D/ST, Thomas Jones, Carson Palmer, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Mason Crosby, Lee Evans, Eddie Royal, Julius jones, Chris Chambers. With the exception of Mason Crosby and Eddie Royal (whom he has since dropped), every single one of those players (I'm including the Packers D on this, they've been in the league for quite some time now) has at least seven years of experience in the NFL. Well, I guess if he's disappointed after this season, at least he can't say he didn't see it coming.

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